PC Tune-Up

Anti-Virus / Malware Removal

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Why we started?

With over 10 years in the IT industry, I have always helped friends and family with any and all troubles they’ve had with their computers.

Since moving to Topock in 2018, I quickly noticed there are no resources in the area providing support for any commercial or residential computer / network needs.

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Subscription Services

Our subscription services are based on a flat monthly rate. Please reach out if you have any questions.

 Unlimited Remote Support


Monthly PC Maintenance

$6.00 /mo

AntiVirus Professional (1 year)

$80 /yr

Cloud Backup

$6.99 /mo

A few things we’re great at 



The latest iterations of spyware and viruses have advanced to the point where they can’t simply be eliminated with off-the-shelf software. We have specialized software, equipment and expertise to eliminate all types of spyware and viruses,
without losing your data.



We have the experience and parts to upgrade or repair almost any PC – Laptops included. From video cards, memory or SSD’s 



Does your WiFi seem to be running slow? Are you getting thee actual speed you’re paying for? TCR can run diagnostics on your home network to help isolate and resolve any issues.



Make your home more convenient to live without spending lots of time or money. Upgrade to SMART lighting, thermostats, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.



Security package components very from vendor to vendor and range from basic to robust. Let TCR help design, create and install a security system that works for you.



Got a problem with that printer of yours? Need to find a new printer or scanner that can be shared by multiple machines? Let TCR help .

Give us a call: (928) 235-2165

Send an email: info@TopockComputerRepair.com

Client testimonials

See what our customers have to say.

Our wifi was constantly cutting out. Mike ran a diag on the wireless and found why it was slow. He contacted Frontier and got us an upgrade for free. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Bob & Diane

I needed to add my personal and business emails on my new cell phone and laptop. Within 30 minuts Mike was here and took care of it all.

Karen S.

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